Harley SwiftDeer Reagan

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, also known as Harley Swiftdeer, is an accomplished teacher, healer, and martial artist.
Harley Swifdeer is the founder of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, and also leads the Ten-No-Kishi dojo in Scottsdale, AZ.
Harley Swiftdeer has an extensive background in philosophy, psychology, religion, martial arts, and ancient mystery school traditions. Harley Swiftdeer is dedicated to inspiring and enriching the lives of his students worldwide through classes, one-on-one consultations, physical mastery training, and ceremony.

Throughout his lifetime, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan has studied with a number of teachers known collectively as “Twisted Hairs.” These are medicine men and women from many tribes throughout North, Central and South America who have traveled and studied and who metaphorically weave and synthesize "braids of truth." In 1975, Harley Swiftdeer was designated as one of the Carriers of the Shields of Knowledge of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path by the Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders and asked to bring these teachings to anyone seeking personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan grounds his teachings for spiritual evolution in a strong commitment to physical mastery and development. For over a half century, he has practiced and taught various martial arts systems including Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Chulukua-Ryu. His current certification comes through the WMAHF Certification Branch of the International Society of Black Belt Examiners and The International Society of Sokeship Council, as well as through Ten-No-Kishi Dojos in Osaka, Japan. All martial arts students of Harley Swiftdeer are registered and belted through Ten-No-Kishi Dojos.

In 1992, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan was seated and sealed as a Twisted Hairs Elder on the Tribal Council. His Elder's Name is Thunder Strikes. His primary responsibility on the Council is to introduce teachings necessary for people to wake up, step into sobriety and embrace the act and art of living fully.


Harley Swiftdeer Reagan,
The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society and
Sweet Medicine SunDance Path


In 1986, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan founded the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society for the purpose of gathering, translating, teaching, and preserving the Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

The Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path are tools to help heal Grandmother Earth and are dedicated to the preservation of individual autonomous freedom for all peoples to live and maintain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, harmony, humor, health and hope.

Mandated and guided by the Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders, the Deer Tribe also provides training and guidance for apprentices working the gateway process of personal growth and spiritual awakening in this Path. Through its world-wide network of teachers, lodges, study groups and affiliated organizations, the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society offers teachings, lectures, workshops, classes, ceremonial opportunities, publications and learning tools to anyone who seeks knowledge, healing, spiritual self-development and physical mastery.

The mission of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is to fight against ignorance, slavery, bigotry, racism, war, disease, dogma and superstition to seed future generations with beauty, power, knowledge and freedom.

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