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SwiftDeer and his excellent team taught us the basics of clear mindsets, self defence techniques, and also how to protect our loved ones and our homes. We got to see exact demonstrations, and were able to practice and integrate those new patterns through one-to-one coaching. It was a week full of highlights with teachings that had deep impact on us. We can really say that the whole Black Lodge event in every single detail was worthwhile.

A. F., Italy

The teachings and ceremonies on this path, through the longhouse programs in particular, have a way of both inviting and demanding my growth in strength, maturity, and connectedness. As a result, I have been able to make profound positive changes in my life. Thanks, SwiftDeer, for making this possible.

K.A., Missouri

There’s nobody quite like SwiftDeer, from his fiery political rhetoric to his sweet grandfatherly nurturing to his ability to demonstrate exactly how and why a martial arts technique works. I’ve learned a hell of a lot from him – including not to take his (or anyone’s) word on anything, but instead to take personal responsibility for the things I claim to know.

K.W., Arizona

Listening to Harley SwiftDeer always makes me think, sometimes makes me uncomfortable, and frequently gives me a feeling of coming home to some place in myself that I've longed to return to. He never fails to offer the challenge: test what he is saying, learn from that testing, and do something with what I have learned in my own unique way.

H.F., Michigan

I have found the teachings of (Harley SwiftDeer) Reagan invaluable as they have allowed me to be better able to understand the inter-dynamics of my clients and students as to their problems; whether it be master a certain cognitive or emotional skill or charting a course of action to solve conflict in their everyday lives.

P.B., Michigan

The last 2 years have been incredible ones for me because of the Sweet Medicine teachings and the opportunities of learning from and with all of you.

L.M., Illinois

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop this past weekend. It was wonderful meeting all of you and experiencing your wisdom, knowledge and teachings! Iım honored to have been a part of it.

D.F., Arizona

Swift Deer imparted so many teachings that I will be busy for several months integrating them into my life.

C.H. California

A main theme of these teachings is not to believe anything that was said until I knew it worked for me. Swift Deer repeated this many times throughout the weekend. Take it home and try it.

C.H., California

I learned many valuable lessons from (Harley SwiftDeer) Reaganıs workshops, but the most applicable to my situation concerned how a spiritual warrior conducts his or her life. The spiritual warrior acknowledges on the one hand that his every action has impact on the world and on the other hand unless he is awake, aware and alert he canıt possibly become a responsible, free thinking, contributing member of an organization or society... The fundamental theme is to stop enabling people to be less than they can be... Thanks to what I have learned, I and my staff know what it means to assume authority for all aspects of our assignments.

T.M., Michigan

Without doubt one of the most comprehensive systems of useful knowledge I ever encountered. These teachings have direct application to the real world and studying with SwiftDeer has been one of the best investments in self-growth and development Iıve ever made.


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